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how to open a pdf in indesign

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It can be used on both desktop and online settings

Another popular way to open a DOCX file is by using an online editorGoogle Docs, WPS and OpenOffice Writer are all free web-based tools that allow you to create, edit and export your documents

how to open a pdf in indesign

In addition, you can also convert a DOCX file to a number of other file formatsIn addition to the free online tool, you can also install an app on your iPhone, Android device or desktop PCThese are available from the Apple and Google app stores

how to open a pdf in indesign

Convert a DOCX file to a DOC If you are using a word processing application such as Microsoft Word, you may want to convert a DOCX file to a DOC fileYou can do this with a free online converter or by using a dedicated program

how to open a pdf in indesign

It's simple to do, and you will be glad you did

The DOCX file format is a standard for many word processing applicationsThere are a number of websites that offer this service

The Save As feature in Microsoft Word offers the smallest PDF file, but it doesn't do a great job of converting complex documentsIf you're looking to convert a long Word document into a smaller PDF, you'll want to consider using a dedicated PDF tool, which offers more precise control

The most obvious way to save your Word document as a PDF is to open it in the default PDF viewerThen, select Save As from the File menu

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