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machining handbook pdf

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The Combine Files interface is displayed with the toolbar at the top

In Acrobat, if the content that you edit or delete is associated with one layer, the content of the layer reflects the changeIf the content that you edit or delete is associated with more than one layer, the content in all the layers reflects the change

machining handbook pdf

For example, if you want to change a title and byline that appear on the same line on the first page of a document, and the title and byline are on two different visible layers, editing the content on one layer changes the content on both layersYou can add content, such as review comments, stamps, or form fields, to layered documents just as you would to any other PDF documentHowever, the content isn't added to a specific layer, even if that layer is selected when the content is added

machining handbook pdf

Rather, the content is added to the entire documentIn Acrobat, you can use the Merge Files Into A Single PDF command to combine PDF documents that contain layers

machining handbook pdf

The layers for each document are grouped under a separate heading in the Layers panel of the navigation pane

You expand and collapse the group by selecting the icon in the title bar for the groupSelect Show Navigation Bar, then click OK

Select View > Full Screen ModeThe Full Screen navigation bar contains Previous Page , Next Page , and Close Full Screen View buttons

These buttons appear in the lower-left corner of the work areaRead a document in Full Screen mode If the Full Screen navigation bar is not shown, you can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through a PDF

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